We develop global solutions in visual communication

Globus, is a graphic design studio, multimedia and photography where we develop global solutions in visual communication. Founded in 1990, we combine experience with technological evolution. Our goal is to obtain, thanks to the design and the analysis, that your product obtains advantages in its market.

A space of 800 m² different

Why such a large study? Because we integrate a study of graphic and multimedia design with a large technological platform where to work at ease, with order, and because a coordinated response in the same space implies reduction of costs and profitability in the projects.

Design and creativity is profitable, new technologies also

We know how to listen, so we are specialists in knowing your product and getting a good position in your market. We develop practical, useful projects to increase sales. We have the strategy, experience and creativity to achieve it.

From the cloud.

We know that markets are changing at incredible speed, and to adapt to them, knowledge of new technologies is necessary.
At Globus we complement off-line media such as catalogs, POS or packaging with the new online tools of the network: digital profile, web, positioning, specific applications on-line, campaigns e-mail, … we can help you to achieve Advantages and profitability with them.

We are an active part of your team. Navigate in the same direction

No matter the size of your company, we have adaptability to integrate into your team, with proactivity, analysis and clarity. This is our strategy.

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