Somfy Solutions mobile App

Usability and design to automate your home

Somfy Solutions is an App that can be used to easily program the home automation systems (roofs, curtains, doors)

Programming of Somfy automatisms is done by manipulating a remote control. With this App, installer, technician or user will have a quick, concrete and simple answer to your queries.

Normally when we program or follow an assembly or programming instructions, we always go 3 or 4 steps at a time, we fail, and that mistake drags it to the end. With the Somfy Solutions App, we ensure that the screen shows the correct step. Somfy Solutions is a useful App. The usability and design of the application is governed by simplicity. We speak the same to the technician as the user. Understanding language for the whole world, without technicalities.

When we are stuck in a control program, the App Somfy Solutions acts as a plunger facilitating the end of the process. Fewer queries, more profitability. The satisfaction of the user only provokes benefits.

Schedule your blinds,
curtains or awnings is easy.

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